We are ABTB, a Moscow-based architectural practice with great experience in architecture, city-planning and landscape architecture.

For more than 20 years our Office has been at the center of urban development programs in Moscow and Russia with more than 500 projects designed and over 100 built.

Among our key projects are:


  • MCC — Moscow Central Circle. 31 station concept on a circular city railway line in the heart of Moscow. 24 realized.
  • Construction of MCD-1 (Moscow Central Diameters) based on the former dead-end radii of the Moscow railway, which together with the MCC should form a single transportation system of the Moscow agglomeration. 6 largest TPUs of MCD- 1 by ABTB. (Under construction)
  • Europe’s largest transport hub — Ryazanskaya in Moscow. The capacity of 100 thousand people per rush hour, combining 4 SVT (High-Speed off-street transport system) and Commercial development. (Under construction)

Interior & Landscape Design

  • Zaryadye park Media Center and Nature Center pavillions interiors (Competition winners + Realized)
  • Moscow Underground Mnevniki station on BRL (Big Ring Line) interiors (Competition winners, Under construction)
  • Nizami Gyandzhevi Central park in Derbent (Competition winner + Currently In realization). The park right in the middle of a UNESCO city, adjacent to the city walls of 6th century AD.
  • Future Generations park in Yakutsk (Competition finalists). Park at extreme climate -60°C / +40°C.
  • Moscow River embankments revitalization concept (In realization)

Urban Development & Planning

  • Renovation of Golovinkii district in Moscow (Competition finalists).
  • Apraksin Dvor in Saint Petersburg Competition. (Competition finalists).
  • The concept of Moscow cycling infrastructure development. (Realized)